How can Design change the client’s vision?

One can succinctly define Graphic Design as a slope of Design itself that attends to the graphic needs of companies and enterprises – May these be virtual or physical.

Giving life to a brand is a complex science that goes beyond a simple visual image, as it demands the conception of the brand’s identity and the projection of a solid guarantee of value, involving all communication within the firm. A strong identity and standing out in the market can be crucial to captivate your target-audience and, consequently, increase your results.

But how will Design affect the client or consumer’s decision?

Design does not create necessities for the audience, but it does feed on these necessities to offer the adequate answer or solution to those who are searching for one. It can also be a synonym of differentiation in the market and, as such, it should always be taken into account.

Another valuable tool is the constant communication with your audience. This can help guaranteeing the endurance of your brand, for the clients will feel that you are apt to meet their needs. Design, when allied to social networking and websites, can remarkably boost your client’s interest, simplifying the act of making a decision.

When it comes down to buying (a product or a service), the process of making a decision involves several elements that act on a conscious and subconscious level, on all of us as individuals. From choosing the right colours to using adequate signs and symbols, these are dynamics that imply studies and dedication to better understand the perspective and the psychological process of the client. This way, professionals within the Marketing, Design and Communication areas are specialists in regards to elaborating strategies that consist in finding the optimal solution to make companies and brands stand out from their competition.

When efficient Design is involved, the client or consumer has an increased ease in making the decision – a brand that provokes curiosity and visual interest, which knows exactly how to identify their needs, which delivers adjusted solutions and it even offers a solidly coherent communication, is a brand in which they can, most surely, rely on.

World Photo Day – The Power of a Great Image

Photography… a technique to register an image through the exposure to light, that goes way beyond a mere mechanical or digital process.

Imprisoning the “soul” of selfies, capable of drenching clothes and skin in magnesium and leading us to a momentary “blindness” cut loose through the sharp light of the flash. For numerous years, photography has been a part of our lives, moving through various stages of evolution.

These days, we simply cannot go without it – eternalizing moments, creating “physical” memories. An art that has developed and spread over the masses, photography is, quite probably, the exponent of human sight. And through it, so many stories are told… Since our great-grandparents and grandparents, all the way to our own children.

Today, we are grateful that photography exists and we thank the photographic cameras and fancy mobile phones, with which we can perpetuate that little piece of time in our mind.


Happy World Photo Day and keep shooting!

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Companies

Digital Marketing plays an extremely important role in the current market. Nowadays, a vast quantity of people has access to information and the divulging of products and services, in an extremely globalized manner. Internet knows no boundaries and so, Digital Marketing has become a crucial tool to ensure the communication and expansion of every company.

You may easily realize that Digital Marketing can bring you many other benefits, such as a reduced cost in relation to traditional Marketing – You can reach more people, faster, without having to resort to large investments in advertising through magazines, newspapers, flyers, outdoors and other traditional communication channels.

The sharing of information and opinions on social networks has opened even more doors to Digital Marketing’s performance and development. We currently count on an extremely dynamic interaction, not only between clients and consumers who share their opinions, but also between the brand and its audience. This allows the companies to obtain extremely proficient feedback about their products or services.